I know and understand this is a Beta, but… (maybe better to solve these things sooner than later).

I work with persons with disabilities (I’m one myself) and, out of curiosity, I tested the app with a screen reader. The result was… well… :hot_face: :crazy_face: :sweat_smile:

There are many problems and barriers that persons with visual disabilities may have to face if they want to use Couchers app. I’m not talking only about blind persons, but also persons with other visual limitations.

I can’t make a whole list of all the problems, but just to say some: the login was a little nightmare, there is no way to navigate menus in messages area not using the mouse (couldn’t find a way to move from “chats” to “hosting” or “surfing”), same with other similar menus around the site, lack of alt texts in images that may explain the content if you can’t see them, very low contrast in many places of the site (letter in a very light grey over a white background)…

It is difficult to find “perfect” accessible websites, usually the design is more valued than the accessibility (pity, but true)… and asking for a “perfect” app may be utopian but… how about “usable”? :wink:

I’m not an expert, I can only point to the few problems I find. An expert to give some advise would be great, but, in the meantime, there are many free manuals on the web to learn the “basics” for programming an accessible website :slight_smile:

Inclusion starts with details like this :wink:


Hi @Pegaso, thanks for bringing up this important topic.

It has been in my mind at times; unfortunately the technology we are using does not make it super easy to make the site accessible, but it is important and we need to figure something out for that in the long term.

Would you be interested in helping us with this? I’ve tried using a screen reader in the past; but it really requires someone who uses one regularly to really know how the site should be laid out for that?

I am not sure what resources we have to work on this right now, but I’m sure there are easy gains to be made with a little bit of work.

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unfortunately the technology we are using does not make it super easy to make the site accessible

That’s not entirely true! We should be able to make it accessible.

We have been putting effort into using aria labels etc. Recently I have been checking the accessibility tree here and there when I’m making changes. I wonder if the parts where it are not good are the ones we did earliest when we were being quite lax? Messaging and login are certainly amongst the first things we did.

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