Feedback on profile layout/options

  1. In the overview of the profile when not filling out ‘‘occupation’’ or ‘‘grew up in’’ these fields will be empty, instead it would be nice if they would be hidden when not filled out, preventing empty gaps. Also there could be a few more option in the overview, like ‘‘dedication’’, ‘‘diet’’ (vegan, vegetarian, halal)/ allergies(glutenfree)…

  2. It would be nice to be able to upload more pictures to the profile. I would also like to be able to post picture of the home/sleeping place in the my home part.

  3. Is there a reason for not being able to choose to host only men/women/both?

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Thanks for the feedback @Gerry and welcome to the community :wave:

About preferring to host only a certain gender, we had quite some discussions about it in "Preferred gender" option for hosting.

In my understanding it’s left to users for now to spell out their preference because we didn’t find a checkbox solution that simply works across the board. It will more likely require some fine-tuning and iterations that are not on top of the roadmap right now. But if you have more ideas to share on this, please join in on the linked discussion!

Improvements to the interface like hiding empty fields and adding at least a home pic are certainly on the list of the UX team.

About adding more filters and checkboxes, I think @Aleja shared an interesting perspective on this in Do we really need so many checkboxes and filters?. At least me, I’m also strongly in the less-boxes-more-conversation camp :innocent:


Thank you @nolo for the reply and links! :slightly_smiling_face:
I’m on the more-boxes-but-therefore-not-less-conversation camp I guess :laughing: :wink:
I suspected that this ‘‘preferred gender’’ thing probably had been discussed :smile: Will have a look at the opinions in the post.

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Hey @Gerry ! Like @nolo said, thank you for expressing your feedback!

These are definitely features that we want to improve and have been in our backlog for some time. We’ll make sure to prioritize these improvements for future updates. Until then, if you have any more feedback, we are more than open to hearing it!

Cheers :smile: