Font of the Couchers Logo

What is the couchers font?

This would be nice to create logo for each city, for whatsapp, and groups in facebook.

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The font is “Mansalva”, you can download it e.g. on Google Fonts.

I think the Graphics Design team is working on some custom kerning/placement of the characters (right now they jump up and down).

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This would be a great topic to bring up at the upcoming Couchers town hall virtual-meeting online this weekend:

Feel free to share some ideas or mockups here in the thread if you want too!

I’m wondering why you’d want to create Couchers groups on Facebook when Coucher’s stated intention is to build strong community groups onsite similar to those on CS prior to 2011. The sole motivation for the plethora of CS groups on Facebook was the destruction of the local CS communities by the CS management.
Surely, creating a multitude of Couchers groups on FB will only undermine the creation of strong communities here on site as well as removing oversight of the activity on those FB groups.

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Hi @anon33961458, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

I think that even though we really want to encourage strong, healthy communities on the Couchers platform; it’s also super important to reach users (existing and prospective) in the spaces and on the platforms where they are now. It’s also great if we can work with existing groups to educate their members about our new platform and get some buy-in through that.


It is impossible to evict to create groups on facebook, the biggest network platform worldwide with 2.85 billions. Groups on facebook will be created in each big city, always, as whatsapp groups for fast communication. It is impossible to tell the people just to use the app.

Coucher app needs to be design thinking in that, so the created event is a link that goes to the app and call more people from other platforms to sign in. So the share bottom is a key.

That´s why local groups are created in facebook… it is very important to understand that couchers needs to use facebook and instragram bring people to the platform. I dont think CS had stronger groups prior to 2011 without help of other platforms as facebook was borned in 2004.

If the community section created into the Couchers app, has all the tools and fluidity to chat, communicate, and create higher traffic of people, for sure, groups in facebook and whatsapp will be abandonated. Obviously I will prefer always go direct to the app. (hangouts needs to be improved. Many people go into CS just to have fun instead a couch to travel, no agree with that).

If the app is designed thinking to have better or same communication effective as whatsapp, I would use just Couchers app.

I have created the group in Sao Paulo, because I want to find a couch in three weeks. and to call the people that is lost, in bewelcome and trusters in portugues. Now the website is just english. Most of people in latinamerica doesnt speak english.

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