Only for English-speaking users? (Site translations)

Well, this is not really a “feature”… but I couldn’t find any thread about this, and it was so strange for me knowing that Couchers has been online for over a year and nobody ever said anything about this (if there is another thread about this, please just post the link and close this one… but I promise I searched! :sweat_smile: ).

So, the topic is: is there any intention to translate the site into other languages?
I didn’t have the time to see the code… are you implementing some kind of “translation tool” to help translating the site?

I guess it’s quite difficult to attract more users if the only language they can find is English (it may sound weird to some but… many people in the world can’t understand English! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ).

I already help as a volunteer in BW with the Spanish translations (as did many years ago in C$), I could also help here a little bit if you start with it.
I’m an international development aid worker (I hate the English translation of this term, in Spanish we simply say “cooperante” :joy: ) and because of COVID international situation now I spend a lot of time in front of the computer and not traveling. I can use some time to help.
If the situation changes, I’ll probably travel again, and my possibilities to help will mostly dissapear (I usually travel to places where I have bad, very bad, or non-existent internet connection) so, don’t make any decision counting on my possibilities to help or not…

Summary: I think the option to view the site in other languages ​​is a must.


Absolutely, we agree; translations are imperative. It’s super important and couch surfing is not limited to the English-speaking world.

Yes and yes; we have someone who recently joined and is looking into the technical side of this, and will hopefully roll out a tool in the next few months. We started off English-only to get started, but have tried to keep the code organized in such a way that we can plug in a translation system easily.

We will post on the forum when the translation system is up to recruit some translation volunteers! Thanks for expressing interest in helping out. Also, please come to one of the social meetings (one is today) if you’re able and we can chat more about helping out.


I just arrived to this site and I’m still a bit lost moving around (two separate databases: forum and app, different areas…). I’m not sure if I’ll have time today, but just in case, or for future meetings, where can I find info about those “social meetings”? :slight_smile:

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The weekly online events are listed in #announcements:events. There’s also a calendar view for Upcoming Events.

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I am a fan of Google translate. It can translate full pages of just text. I suggest to focus on other urgent things first. I an not a native English speaker, fyi.

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Well, it’s not like coding and translating are done by the same people anyway.

I’ll be happy to help with the Russian translation when the system is ready :upside_down_face:


Google translate is great and it’s definitely getting better but it doesn’t always translate the text correctly. At least in my language which is very word order sensitive and where literal translation (sometimes) doesn’t feel natural at all. Unless the goal is to have a text that looks like it was written by Yoda :smiley: it would still need to be checked by native speakers… and luckily we have those here!