Slogan for, any suggestions?

Any good app, needs a good slogan.

Couchsurfing has: Stay with locals (surfer), meet travelers. (hosts).

What about this one; Host and travel the world!

or Be a coucher. Host and travel the world!

Any ideas?

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Maybe this is the slogan? I would be fine with that :smiley:


If is legal to use the name of a private company… yes, it is cool. I didnt know it was possible.

Make couch surfing great again :joy: :joy:


“It’s like CS but better” is really good (if legal in Australia). It’s good that there is this contrast with BW and TR which have historically taken the “we are nothing like CS” approach.

It would also be funny if couchers ironically took CS’s old motto “Making the world a better place, one couch at a time”.


Just my opinion: comparing a “brand” with another one to promote yourself always sounds to me like a defeat before you even started. deserves and will gain a unique place in this traveling niche.

So, whatever the slogan may be, for me let it live in a world of it’s own.


“The new wave to couch-surf”

(Get it? Wave? Surfing?.. :slight_smile: )


Actually, I like the current slogan very much, it’s probably one of the reasons I joined. I was looking for smth like CS, and BW or Trustroots were not. Then I opened Couchers, saw the orange colour and the slogan and felt at home :grin:


Same! It definitely attracts a certain set of enthusiastic people. A lot of volunteers were on board with the current slogan, too.

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It would be nice that short CS in the future, is thought for our new community… So, CS is not good to appear in that meaning, thinking in the future… we need to win that CS for us. My “marketing” thought.

I agree with that, but the context in this case is different. I think the actual slogan is excellent to call the lost people now. But in the close future we need a official slogan without that word. Maybe we could use that actual slogan with the new slogan that people is proposing here…

I’d like something simple. “Meet travellers, be travellers.” or something similar.

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(and gals, and non-binary pals)

I just realized that the front page of (or even the FAQ) is missing an easy-to-see basic definition of what couch-surfing means. Slogan’s aside, shouldn’t that definition be there to bring in people (perhaps younger) who are unfamiliar with the concept of couch-surfing?

All I see are comparisons to Couchsurfing™, which are great for bringing in more experienced folks, but how about a simple FAQ or two that explain “What is Couchsurfing?”
“Is this like AirBnB, but free?” etc.?


I agree that the slogan might be confusing for people who don’t know what CouchSurfing is but I do not think that CouchSurfing is like a free version of Airbnb.
I have stayed in Airbnb several times and not only I have never spent time with my “hosts” I have never even met them because they all had contactless check-in. Airbnb (at least as I know it) is more like renting a home without socializing while CouchSurfing is more like staying at your friend’s home where some interaction is expected (unless stated by the host that they will be busy and not able to socialize). I would rather had: “It’s like staying with a friend/ hosting a friend” or something similar.


It’d be interesting to hear everyone’s definitions of what couch surfing is. Want to start a topic on it? Definitely something to go near the top of the FAQ


Yes, I don’t think so either! I like your analogy of staying at a friend’s place, and I think that having the definition out there would help clarify the concept for more people.

Good idea!


It jumped out at me too - it’s going to appeal to people who were abandoned by CS, but who still the original offer.

I do like it, but Couchers can probably expect legal action in the future over it, especially as people vanish from their platform.

@jcdelascasas people to meet, places to stay, things to do, all over the world


Sofa, so good.