Soft Beta known issues

Hi all, I’ll just use this thread to keep you posted on known issues with the soft beta.

  • In profile edit pane, the second instance of “Hosting Status” should be “Meeting Status” (FIXED!)
  • There’s no link to the forums from the beta has been added to the front page
  • logo does not link to anything
  • Some pictures will not upload for profile pic, error message says it could not connect to server (FIXED - limit has been increased from 2MB to 10MB)
    -The way you put your text in fields is not always the way it appears once saved (FIXED)

I’ll update this list as we go :slight_smile:

Another thing: we know the location selection component is unintuitive and difficult to use at the moment, and we’re working on that!

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Hey everyone, we’ve rolled out an update to the location selector! Please go and try it out by editing your location in the app (Profile > Edit profile) and let us know if it’s easier now or if there are other bugs/issues with it. It’s an important yet difficult component and we want to polish it to perfection :slight_smile:


A detail: to make a subsequent search, you need to manually clear the previous search result.

When you enter the search field, it should select the entire existing text string, so you can start typing a new search right away. and only optionally adjust that last string.