Additional features to increase activity and engagement

Search for non-hosts by geography
Search for travelers by geography
Allow travelers to set ‘looking for’ status by party size and star/end travel date
Filter searches by demographic
Search/filter searches by radius

You should see a nice boost in activity/engagement with these, because it creates a proper two way platform as opposed to the current one-way (travelers find hosts) platform


Yes. One thing I liked about C$ was that you could view profiles of travellers currently (or soon to be) travelling in your area and so be able to offer to host.


Yeah more filters are coming for sure! And great idea to show current travelers on the map! The only concern I can think of is privacy. Some people don’t want others to know that they are traveling and also might not want to be seen on the map – so as long as we make it an optional opt-in feature, that would be cool! I know there are also plans to show current travelers looking for a host or looking to meet up on the communities page (if they opt-in to have their trip be “public”). Thanks for the suggestions!