Advertising in Events

Taking the following as an example:

I wonder what people think about the events space being used to advertise in this spammy way? It doesn’t feel as though it’s been posted in keeping with the spirit of the project, but there’s no way (yet) to flag it. I’m concerned that the events page will be overrun with tourism spam that’ll make it harder to identify real events for surfers. It may even pull in a few naive members of the community who fall for its easy charms.


I actually think this is a reportable event, events should be free to start with costs either split or add-ons to the free experience. You should feel free to report this kind of event as “transactional” since like you say, it’s basically advertising.


Thanks for letting us know. Commercial content like this isn’t allowed on the platform, and the event was removed. Please keep reporting stuff that breaks the Terms of Service or the Community Guidelines. We’ll be adding little flag buttons all around the platform for reporting content in the coming weeks to make this easier!