AirBnB bordering our target audience

Did you know about ?

We could step into that business too.


It would broaden the scope of couchers and that surely is a good idea. Many people prefer to pay something for accommodation, especially for extended stays which is something many hosts steer away from.

I think the ‘openhomes’ initiative of airbnb is for free.

I also remember Couchsurfing came into the news because it asked its members to offer shelter after some natural disasters.

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Very cool initiative. I personally think it’d be within our scope. Definitely a project for down the line though for when we have enough users to implement this properly. I imagine we’d want to partner with other organisations that advocate for helping and provide resources for people in these situations.


Excelente iniciativa por parte de Airbnb:Está dirigida a personas con urgente necesidad y dispone de un seguro de un millón (USD) para daños a la propiedad.1-Personas afectadas por desastres y trabajadores humanitarios que responden a título oficial.2-Refugiados y solicitantes de asilo
3-Trabajadores de la salud de primera línea.4-Para reservar un alojamiento para refugiados, es necesario que te refiera una organización sin fines de lucro.---------------Por cierto:Es un placer navegar por la web de Airbnb,es amigable,con espacio y sin caos. Y del tema comentado, se comporta como intermediaria y facilita el vehículo digital y,es la ONG la que toma las decisiones de las candidaturas.Por supuesto,cualquier alojamiento como un sofá será rechazado y la organización humanitaria velará por una vivienda digna tanto en higiene como en espacio vital y privado para la persona necesitada.Se exige,además,no contar con antecedentes penales si deseas participar en esta prestación humanitária. Saludos.----------------------------------------------------------------Excellent initiative by Airbnb: It is aimed at people in urgent need and has an insurance of one million (USD) for property damage.1-People affected by disasters and humanitarian workers who respond in an official capacity.2-Refugees and asylum seekers
3-Frontline health workers. 4-To reserve refugee accommodation, you need to be referred by a non-profit organization .--------------- By the way: It is A pleasure to browse the Airbnb website, it is friendly, with space and without chaos. And of the aforementioned topic, it behaves as an intermediary and facilitates the digital vehicle and, it is the NGO that makes the decisions of the candidacies.Of course, any accommodation such as a sofa will be rejected and the humanitarian organization will ensure a decent home both in hygiene as in living and private space for the person in need. It is also required not to have a criminal record if you wish to participate in this humanitarian service. Greetings.