Alpha update: you can now select a location on a map

Hi all, quick update about the alpha. We’ve just deployed an update to the app that allows you to select a location on a map.

It’d be great if some of you could give it a shot and tell us here how it goes! You have to search for a location and then drag the red dot where you want to show up, you can also adjust your radius.

It’s a bit clunky at the moment, and we’ll be fixing it up over the next few days.


I think two markers are too complicated. I even think one marker and a radius is too complicated to understand what are the effects of it.

We could just have one circle (instead of a pin) show up on the map with a standard radius. And then you could adjust the radius of this circle below the map for privacy. The messaging shouldnt just say what its doing, but what it’s intended to do, like: “Adjust your privacy: other members will see a random location within the size of the circle”

This way, you couldn’t manually move a pin or circle around on the map. But I think there’s too many options right now: manually change the text of the address, move the searched address pin, change the radius. We should single out one additional option (after having searched for an address) that we think is the most important one for users to customize. And just communicate this one option clearly. To me, it would be “randomizing for privacy”.


We’ve tried to simplify this a little bit. More updates are coming.

We’ve also added a new map where you can view other users who have a location. It’s fairly simple now, all you can do is click on the user to go to their profile. It’s pretty empty, so please go fill in your location!

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What I would probably find most intuitive is having a three step setup:

  • Get Started: search for a location by typing and selecting from the list
    (click next)
  • Adjust your location for privacy: see the map and be able to move the pin and adjust the radius
    (click next)
  • Name and save your location
    (click Save)

With a setup like this, we could already think of users being able to save more than one location to a private list. This list could then show up at different places on the app, like when choosing a home location or the current one. Being able to store more than one location seems quite appropriate for a travel app, after all :slight_smile: And could lead to more ideas about options for locations down the line.


Indeed, I would like to enter my exact couch location to be send or available to my accepted surfers. I actually have two different couches on two different locations. I would also like to have a location that tracks my gps to easily meet people on festivals. And I need an approximate location that says where I am surfing at the moment so I can easily find my way back and maybe also some contact details of my current surfing location for my mom.

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Works amazingly for now!

  1. I assume the blue marker was removed
  2. Maybe place the save and cancel button below the map :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the great work!

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They used to hide annoyingly under the fold, so they should be on top and bottom now. There’s some minor caching issue in the CDN, so this is a slightly outdated version of the UI. I’ll investigate. Fixed.

Why does the map not center at (or near) your location?
You can ask for GPS location.
This would greatly help to find host near you quickly, because you don´t always know what place you are at or which places are nearby with (possible) hosts.