Any interest in couch exchange?

I would love to do a couch exchange with someone. Maybe overlap surfing at each other’s homes? Like surf at my place before I surf at your and vis a versa.


I vaguely remember CS had some feature or “group” or whatever they were called for this sort of thing. Somewhere where users searching for the same thing could start a thread and coordinate that way. Can someone remind me if the Couchers feature roadmap has something in it that would accommodate this? Like a non-geographic-based but more activity-focused “Communities” group?

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I don’t recall that. Maybe before or after my time on CS.

Instead of hoping I’d get to stay with someone after they stay with me, I want to deliberate about it. So whoever wants to visit San Francisco would agree to host me at their place. It’d have to be a pretty secure and solid relationship to let someone stay at my home without me before I met and spent time with them. Made sure we have a similar approach, attitutde, and values regarding other people’s property and neighborhood.

Makes sense. I’m imagining we could have something like a “Reciprocal Hosting” or “You Host Me, I Host You” group page.

In the meantime maybe someone on the forum will take you up on the offer.