Argh! Let me open profiles in new windows!

When I search the map to see which new members that have been added to my country, I would like to be able to open their profiles in new windows, this in order to not have to click like a maniac on the map again to see where everybody are living etc. Pretty please make this possible. I will probably go nuts if you don’t. I always surf the net in multiple windows.


Oh gosh!! Please don’t go nuts :slight_smile: I’m sure the devs will make this happen for you, but just to clarify, would a new tab be enough?

As long as we can control when we want to open them ourselves, yes. :slight_smile: Maybe. :wink: As long as the “new tab” isn’t just one… but one I can multiply… with say 40.

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Sorry! We’ll make sure it’s fixed for the next release (Sunday-ish)


Is it possible as well to go back to the map after checking someone’s profile? Cuz every time I have to follow and repeat the same pattern: search-map-profile.
Personally I feel like it would be easier to just return to a map after reading profile details instead of clicking search bar again , zoom in certain country and check another one.
(Maybe there is already some options and I didn’t discover it yet. Would u mind to guide me then a bit :wink: )


A new tab is actually not always enough, so it is better that user be able to select tab or window. If you want to compare two profile oc course you have to have two separate windows in your scree, if screen is big enough you can tile a lot of profiles there …

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A band-aid fix has been done and should be released in the next few days. The link is now the person’s name, and there is a button to show them in the map.

Not ideal but ok for now!