Become a host or find a host?

My suggestion is that “become a host or find a host” which is the main goal of the membership of the site should be a major criteria in giving more credibility to the user. Example everyone in the site who manage to “become a host or find a host” for a certain number of times in the calendar year should get a higher level of clearance specially because it means the counter part involved could right a review and etc. An approach like this naturally would make the relationships and environment in the site healthier. It would provide more sense of security to both parts when they are approached by someone with a certified credibility.

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One of the reasons I got burned out hosting on CS is that no one wants to host. Of course they wanted free accommodations but had zero interest in me. They had their own agenda and even spent time with a group of CSers and didn’t invite me.

They even expect keys to my home.

It’s annoying, this concept of “free.” I thought one of the reasons people ditch CS besides the arbitrary and capricious behavior of CS is shown in that ridiculous message to hosts - like we’re free hotels to hook new subscription$. Well surfers, if I offer something other than my garage floor, it takes a LOT of work to prepare for a stranger to stay in my home, more so than a friend.

The lack of basic empathy, manners, or appreciation because “everything should be free” is unacceptable. Unfortunately, I feel the same thing will happen here. If someone can’t host, I’m not going to host them. Because surfers/takers who won’t host have no idea that hosting is WORK. Which equals time=money. If there’s no sense of mutual benefit, it’s just taking and selfishness. It’s one thing about our crapitalistic world: if it’s “free” it’s regarded as not valuable and neither are the people giving it to you.

I realize not everyone can host, but that has to be my limit if I ever host again.

I know of an example of male hosts giving each other references so women feel “safe” but it’s a setup by the host for basic hookups.