Booking multiple surfers

1 Group chat functioning on computer. If more than 1 coucher is looking to find a host, the only way to add multiple people to a group chat, is if you are all friends. It feels really weird to send a friend request to a host just to be able to have all parties be included in a group chat, even before you send in a request to be hosted.

Example: Host named Al, Coucher 1(C1) traveling together w Coucher 2(C2).
If C1 sends a message to Al seeking hosting for April 1-April 3 (Chat 1).
There is no way to add C2 to Chat 1, you would have to start another chat entirely (Chat 2). In order to start a group chat (Chat 2 including: C1+C2+Al), C1 would have to also be friends with Al.

This can become confusing when trying to locate a specific topic in a chat without knowing which chat it may be in. (i.e: where to park, security code)
There is also no function to delete messages (to limit the confusion named above).

Possible solution: add a feature to include a function to add another coucher to a current chat.

2 Request accepted only for 1 traveler/coucher even when Host is hosting more than 1.
Using the example above: C1 sent in a request to the host Al. Al accepted C1 request to host. C2 is able to be in group Chat 2, but not able to be included as part of the booking.

C1 will be able to get future references from this booking, C2 will not. Is C2 even able to send in a separate request for those same dates or will it get denied due to C1 being booked already?
Having a separate request for Al could get confusing and a lot of extra unnecessary work.

Possible solution: add a feature to be able to include multiple couchers/travelers to 1 same booking.

Use the solution I use, and ask my guest to use: send requests via regular email, where you can put up to (in theory 512, but most servers limit it to 100, that is more than enough) the cc: field the address of travelmates, that could also not have a coucher account, or could use different community.
This way when you reply_to_all everyone will get a copy of the message, at same time you could have some subthreads with individuals or subgroups.
Incidentally this system allow also to have a copy of your own messages in your local mailbox, or other beckup ones, something that with the couchers’ messaging system you cannot have.

This for a discussion [I would not call it chat] . For the “official request” it is better each one send its own one, so it is also easier to leave a reference, and to handle the case that for some reason the group change [such all but one cancelling whine anothe remains, on one ask to stay some days more so the times for references would be different]