Bug? Host/User Search will scan for profile strings

I just tried to find out fellow hosts in Berlin but found a few profiles located outside of Berlin (some even in France and Switzerland). Turned out they had “Berlin” not as a location but mentioned somewhere as a string in their profile.

Probably not working as intended, right? There might be a seperate keyword search, but since they search results are currently not just being shown on the map but also in the column on the left in a list order there shouldn’t be people not residing in that city in question, right?

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Right now search is just by keyword, so any profile that contains “Berlin” somewhere will show up in the results. This is obviously not ideal, and we don’t plan to keep it like this, but it does offer the broadest search possible (so so one is left out of the search).

We are working on improving search so that you can search by location, username, and other search parameters. There are also some filters you can currently apply if you click on the filter symbol in the search bar.

Thank you for the feedback and we will continue to work on improving search! If you come across any bugs, you can report them using the red button in the upper right-hand corner so that our software engineers are informed immediately.

@Niklas: Übrigens, meine Frau und ich ziehen nächstes Jahr nach Deutschland, und Berlin steht ganz oben auf unserer Liste, wo wir leben wollen! Vielleicht werden wir bald “Nachbarn” sein! Haha!

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Sure, will put the bug requests right to the red button from now on.

Sehr cool, dann gib Bescheid und wir treffen uns. :wink:


right now (August, 30th) there are 49 people when you search for “Berlin”, only 34 of those are actually living in Berlin even among the top spot suggestions, I guess it would help for now to deactivate profile keywords

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Yeah the current search says “search for a user” but it’s actually a keyword search. In order to find someone in Berlin, you need to click on the filter button, then enter in “Berlin” in the “near location” search field and then click “apply”:

To me it almost seems like it would be better to have the location search be the default and have the keyword search be an option.

However, the design team did come up with a design where you would be able to select what you are searching (username, location, keyword, event, etc) so you don’t need to go into the filter screen (unless you want to add additional filters).


Yeah, I would exclude keyword search as a default option, too. :wink:


The keyword search as a default option has one more problem - some people type their address in English, and some in local languages. I mean, “Kazan” and “Казань” is the same city, but you’ll get different results with these words


It is a very annoying problem on any platform.
To any hosting profile should be associated geographic spatial position, so searches would not be made on given location but only on the position set in the map.
The information is already there. why do not use in full ? (of course: have to be set available also another option: to search according the position or according the given name, to avoid to have two places that are ad a small distance, but cannot be easily reached (think about two cities on the two sides of a river where for 20 km there is no bridge) also avoid to set on search a distance of less than 5 km (otherwise people is discouraged than setting exact place) or better put a warning telling “are you sure ?”.