Can I request a couch here?


I’m a portuguese 26-year-old and I’ll land in Genève in the 12th of July to cross the country the following day, (after some sightseeing in the city) so I’m looking for a place to stay for that night. If anyone would be willing to host me or direct me to someone who can, I would appreciate it!

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Antonio_Falcao, welcome to the community!

This is our shared conversation forum about all things related and around the platform. To find a host, you’d better reach out to other members directly on We don’t have a feature to post public trips yet, but you can search for members in Geneva that can or may host and contact some directly. Good luck and enjoy your trip!

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Yes, I already sent messages to a few hosts some time ago, but I haven’t got any replies… That’s why I’m resorting to other means.
I’ll keep trying, thank you!

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