Can the app be theme-able?

I was wondering if we could have a theme-able app? So we could access it with a varied look and feel?

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Do you mean the Couchers app? I think it would be nice to eventually implement a “dark mode” for use in areas with little ambient light so the screen doesn’t blind you. But obviously a feature like this is not a priority. Perhaps dark mode and other customization/themes could be a “premium” feature for those who contribute financially to help pay for server costs etc since such features are not necessary to the functionality of the platform (they are just nice extras!)


I actually didn’t think of Couchers providing several themes or modes. But rather if the app will be easily theme-able by anyone? As it’s a community project I’d find it a good fit to have this option?

You are probably too young to remember but back in the day MySpace proved this not to be such a great idea :rofl:

Jokes aside, I don’t know anything about making an app or website but as a user I’ve noticed that the ones that let the users customize too much get slow and buggy. Not sure why, or if it is avoidable, but it’s noticeable.


I was probably too old already for the mess that happenend on myspace, young lady :smile:

It’s not about users customizing their profiles though. I was thinking of themes as Jesse put it: a light mode, a dark mode…

Like on the forum I can go to my interface settings and select a theme. Now we have a Light and a Dark theme, but there could be several more.


The possibility to enable/disable “Dark Theme” is a must.

Dark theme, no matter if is on an app or a website, reduces considerably the fatigue of the eyes. Always.


I also think a dark theme is a standard today, especially as many browsers automatically switch to a dark mode depending on default browser or system settings. If you don’t have a dark theme to take over, the presentation of the site can get quite distorted by the browser adjustments.

I’d see optional theming features much more on the fun and gimmicky side, like Christmas hats, Halloween decoration and stuff like that.

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