Chat improvements

I need to use the chat to coordinate a team of translators.

To improve efficiency, we could do with:

  • styling options (bold, italic, etc.)
  • emojis
  • picture sharing
  • ability to edit message after posting

Also, is this the best place to request features or is github preferred?



Hey @Aerobil ! Thanks for your helpful feedback! We have plans to implement those features as we continue to develop :slight_smile:

In general, you can expect a better chat / messaging experience in the future as the platform is continuously being updated! If you have anything else to note, we are open to more ideas. Cheers!

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A few more:

  • Read/unread status
  • Preview before sending


My two cents: I think the ability to block users and remove them from group chats is a must.
Also links now automatically include any punctuation mark after them and hence often don’t work, would be nice to fix that.

I wouldn’t be a big fan of read/unread status, however, because on CS I often received messages that I didn’t feel like answering at all (poorly written requests or weird replies to open trips) and I wouldn’t like those to be marked as read and cause the senders to continue messaging me (quite possibly, in a not very nice manner).
Probably you couldn’t send pictures on CS for similar reasons, like to make sure nobody sends anything bad? Idk

Would really love some way to preview messages, because now the field is small, so I have to scroll up and down to reread what I’ve written and often end up spotting stupid mistakes right after I press “send”. Maybe there could be an option to enlarge the messaging field, or it could stretch out as you type? Post-edit option would solve this too, but I guess it’s harder to implement?
And I’m missing emojis on desktop too! :grinning:

Oh, and an option to search through messages and friends by name would be of such great help!