Chat in requests

I was not able to answer the kind response of a user, that I made a request. He sent me a cool message to be open to receive me after he and his wife are vaccined. I want to thank to his answer but I could because the request was closed.

Should we let people continue a chat after request is closed? I would say: yes.

Category of Friends as the option to chat with someone I think is not logic, because I would need to add a person that I dont know to send a message.

Currently you can only message people if you’re friends, but that will soon be changing so that you can message anyone, even if you are not friends.

Until then, you can add the person as a friend and then you will be able to continue the conversation! :slight_smile:

or how i got a message the other day, somebody sent a fake request to be able to message me

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yes, I thought in that, but the idea is to design the communication in the way that we dont need to trick the app. Ok Jesse, I understood. Meanwhile I wont add people as friend cause certain I would add people that really I met on live. Best regards. Maybe could be the option of “Known”, that would be great.