Clicking links in emails forces log in again

@husso and I have been chatting about whether this is normal. If you choose “keep me logged in” we believe you shouldn’t have to log in again when you click the links for in your email notifications.

Is the forced re-log in intentional and if so, whyyyy?

For the record it doesn’t seem to ask you to log in again ever if you just use the independently of an email notification link.

As well, this was tested by us on both Chrome and Safari on mobile and on desktop.

Do you mean the links like “see messages” and such? If so, I don’t seem to have this issue. I use Chrome and checked both on desktop and phone.

Strange! I wonder why I happens to us. Maybe I should send a bug report.

I am sometimes logged out when I think I should still be logged in - I don’t know if it’s the same thing, but I’ll keep an eye on it next time this happens…

I sometimes run into this on other platforms since I have the browser add-ons privacybadger and ublock origin installed and they block some cookies. Do you have any browser add-ons that might be interfering here?

Hmmm maybe it’s just cookies being blocked in general. Weird!