Community-wide online events

Hi there, in the coming days I’m going to be planning a community-wide event schedule, hopefully recurring on a pretty frequent basis.

For now, these would be online events where we can have a live, face-to-face chat with groups of people from the community. There will be a mix of volunteers, people who’ve joined the forum, people who’ve joined via the signup form, and any others who’d be interested to come by and check out what we’re about. We’d answer questions about the project, take some ideas from attendees, talk about stuff that’s happened on the forums, and generally just get to know each other. It should be fun :slight_smile:

I especially want those of you who have been pretty active here on the forums to be able to attend at some point or another. I’d also love your feedback on what format you all think would be best before we finalize a plan. So, here are a couple questions…

  • Would you be interested in joining these kinds of online events? Why or why not?
  • If you’re interested, would you rather it be on a weekday, weeknight, or weekend?
  • Would you rather join with Zoom, Google Meet, or some other video chat service?

Also let me know anything else that comes to mind! I hope we can get a good thing going :slight_smile:

  1. Yes, this sounds great!
  2. Weeknights and weekends work best for me (after 17:00 UTC-5 is my preference)
  3. Any platform works. I like both Zoom and Google.

You’re quite welcome! I hope there will be some convenient times for you.

@Emily maybe you could create a doodle to see which days/times work best for people?

It’s a good idea Jesse! I will probably run a few and see how turnout is, and then adjust accordingly, because we’ll surely have people from all time zones eventually :smiley: To those who reply here I’m giving priority!

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In case the attendance is not too massive, I’d recommend to use Jitsi as there’s no additional software/account needed.
I consider myself to be too ignorant about couchers to contribute anything at this point, but would gladly listen in.


Would love for you to listen in, @tka! By the way, welcome to the forums :slight_smile:

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  1. interested but depends on how much people join the event (i am for small groups)
  2. no idea, kind of bussy,
  3. google meet
  1. Yes, this sounds like a fun idea!
  2. Weeknight or weekend works for me. If it’s on a weeknight, will have to be 19:00 (GMT +1) onwards for me :sweat_smile: weekends can be more flexible within the “day hours” of same time zone mentioned
  3. Zoom or Google Meet works. Although Google Meet might be better in terms of cost as it’s free?

Any updates on this? Haven’t been super active on here yet apart from passively lurking/skimming the forums here and there, and I think I’m behind too many posts to catch up on everything to meaningfully contribute :sweat_smile: Super excited to see how this is shaping up though!

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Hey Darren! It’s still early stages but I will definitely do the first event soon. Then depending on the success of it I’m hoping it’ll become a regular thing :slight_smile:

Also, welcome to the forum! You’re not behind at all - jump in on any old topic!

A bit late but I’m up for a meeting. Not sure I can add anything more, but more than happy to listen and meet you guys, you all have been so nice in here :slight_smile:

I can make it in weeknights or weekends. I’m in GTM - 3, and usually stay up late, so early in the morning in most european times will probably find me still up too :sweat_smile:

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Yeap I would love to attend as well. That’s a good idea. Also in the future we may add such feature to let people to have their own meet ups. Let’s see first, how much we like it :slight_smile:


Here is a link to the signup for the first online event!

We will be sending this out to the full mailing list of all our members in a couple days, but before that I would like to get a feel for anyone on here who can join. If none of you are able to attend the chosen time slots, if you find this form confusing/hard to use, or if there’s not enough information, please leave me some feedback and we will make updates before I send this around to the everyone else.

Thanks for your interest!