Couch-Crashing at Homeless Shelters

Who has couch-crashed at homeless shelters? What are your experiences beyond getting all your stuff stolen? Mine was looking into a thousand mile stare of a little kid who could use a couple cans of formula. If he makes it to adulthood, his upper lip will be mighty stiff. No way I’ll ever be able to unsee that face.

If you can, always stop off at Wallyworld, buy several large packages of socks to hand out. Socks double as mittens under plastic grocery bags to keep frozen fingers warm. Everybody will appreciate your random act of kindness.

I am sorry that you are going through a rough time. I hope things turn around for you soon! I do not think that staying in homeless shelters should be considered couchsurfing, though.

There is huge difference between a homeless shelter and someone’s very own home. What is the purpose of the shelter/homestay… who funds the shelter/homestay… who stays at the shelter/homestay…etc.

It is up for a debate whether couchsurfing itself is classed as a secondary form of homelessness as written in this article.

I personally don’t feel like this is the case for the majority of people using hospitality exchange platforms, who are mostly here for cultural and interpersonal exchange rather than keeping themselves (or others) off the streets.

I hope you find your home soon!

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