Couchers broken

Connecting to (||:443…
do not answer.

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Yeah, I noticed in the morning that Couchers is down… My guest who’s coming didn’t write down the address and phone number I sent her earlier. It’s good that she initially requested on BW, so luckily we connected over there. I hope nobody else is in a similar situation :slight_smile:

This is one of the reason i do not consider a request valid until we have exchanged BOTH email addresses and phone numbers (other not public standard media are not accepted).
I have already had such problema on CS and WS …it looks that also coucher is affected !

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BTW i have one of guests coming sunday that sent the request on couchers, we have already arranged via email, but tomight i got a shitty message from couchers that he had sent me a message to me, without the content, to force me to be traced using couchers site … but it did not work, so i posted the warning.
Was him just acknowledging the accept or was he trying to cancel ?
So i just asked him to call me on the phone to tell me what he wanted to say, not yet any answer. if not i will call him at same time tomorrow.

You are absolutely right! It’s in the surfer’s best interest to give their contact information as well! The host has usually nothing to lose, they have a place to stay. It’s the surfer, who is putting themself into situation of not having the couch.

I don’t know what your Sunday host wants, but good luck :slight_smile: