'Couchers' or 'Couchers.org'

The design team is debating whether to brand the platform as ‘Couchers’ or ‘Couchers.org

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Which do you prefer and why?

I prefer just ‘Couchers’ as the full url feels a little stiff to me!

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Is the name couchers going to be a problem in that it is so close to couchsurfing? I mean I understand the benefits of its being similar in that people immediately recognise the name and it would draw the same audience but I feel like couchsurfing might have a problem with a copycat app with such a similar name and idk what the copyright laws are :sweat_smile::woman_shrugging:t2:

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I just feel like it would be weird if, for example, on your phone’s home screen, looking at the app icon (if/when an app happens), to have it say “Couchers.org” rather than just “Couchers”. It FEELS weird, to me, to include the .org in the most front-end branding. I understand that the .org helps suggest the non-profit nature of the app upfront, but, as kellyt said, it feels stiff! Also, thinking about catchiness and ease of spreading through word-of-mouth - I think it’s way more advantageous if people can tell their friends about this new app they found by saying/typing “Couchers” rather than “Couchers.org”, as that is quicker and more natural to say. It’s pretty uncommon (I believe) to attach the .whatever at the end when talking about branding.

I prefer couchers.org because couchers when said out loud just sounds like “couches” (in my very thick Australian accent at least haha) and if I’m talking about it with someone I think it’s more clear to say, for example, “do you use couchers.org” rather than “have you heard of [couches]”?


No! Could you tell me more about them and how they are different from sofas? :stuck_out_tongue:


Would choose for Couches. Although I think both are not such a good name since it doesn’t represent direct or indirect an exchange hospitality community in the name. Almost feels like promoting the freeloaders for free couches. But yeah, hard to chose a good name :see_no_evil:


I personally feel like adding the “.org” makes it obvious that it’s an online platform for something. I often found myself in the past saying something like “do you know about couchsurfing”; then they would tell me about how their friend ended up homeless for a moment and slept on their couch for five weeks, and then I’d have to specify that I meant “the couchsurfing .com platform”. It’s a bit different for us since “Couchers” doesn’t have that connotation, but I think it’s easier to differentiate it from other words and clarify that it’s “some online site that’s probably non-profit”.


As much as I prefer Couchers for aesthetic reasons, trend, logo wise and for every good explanation already provided above, the fact we don’t own couchers.com is a big problem. Our audience might get lost if we believe (as I understood) the platform would get known by word of mouth.

Unless, we decide our conversion is mostly coming from the internet and we decide to rely on state-of-art SEO.

However, I’d like to +1 the spot comment by dude.read.my.profile. We didn’t settle on a branding yet so we still have time to find a new name if the community decide it would be beneficial…

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I also vote for “.org” because of the connotation with non-profit/NGO, and this is a major focus of our governance.

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didn’t vote yet.

Would like to hear the pro’s and con’s of the design team.

I was gonna vote for “Couchers” just thinking in a design idea… After reading the comments I agree that “Couchers.org” fulfill better the main idea of the project.

But, what I find more important (and some other already said) is to think if this is really a good name or not. Did you think in the possibility of choosing another name? :eyes:

It’s been brought up on occasion, but so for no one has come forward with a winning idea. Got any good ones, Bruno? :slight_smile:

By the way, welcome to the forum!

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I prefer Couchers.org but I voted for Couchers because I think it’s better for most people and we will have to rely on SEO anyway because people don’t know how to enter a URL nowadays :joy::joy: I’m still gonna be telling people Couchers.org for the next year I guess but branding should be Couchers IMHO