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Hello :slight_smile:

I will share my first couchers experience (as they also do in host a sister group)!

So i got to know @anon46748786 through this forum. We exchanged messages and he asked me where i am from (we are all from europe, borders from our countrys are open and as a keyworker i can do corona test- so pls no judging for travelling!)
Actually i wasnt so far away from him and he already had a trip to @tieflow planned. He connected me with him as well and we asked for a couch.

So i hosted adrian for 1 night before and after our trip to florian, where we stayd 3 nights.
I saw both of their profiles on CS, I knew they were experienced couchsurfers and i knew them online from writing here. I couldnt check for friendly stars (what i normally do), bc florian has older references and adrian just personal ones. Still i trusted them. I trusted them bc i thought they have the CS spirit, I didnt need fancy profile nor pics.
We had a great time together and i would call them my friends now :slight_smile:

Just wanted to share, bc i think, if you are willing to contribute here, you really live the original Cs spirit :wink: and than you dont need fancy app. Still i am looking forward do write real references here. So far i did on BW and personal on CS- were i mentioned couchers. I hope i will not get banned on CS for mentioning it in reference…?

Did you also already have couchers experience? (People you didnt know before) Share it with me :slight_smile:


You don’t get banned from mentioning in a reference. Some CS’ers already mentioned Bewelcome to (fill in their hometown name) and didn’t get banned. You only get banned if you mention an other hospex platfrom in the messages.

That’s exactly what’s the aim of this future app/website. To bring you in contact with all these amazing people which you don’t know yet in other places with the ''original CS spirit" :wink: We’re just trying to built it in a better and safer way so we don’t make the same mistakes as CS did.

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I know you do, and thats the crazy thing about my first experience: i already trust couchers bc of the things written on the website and here.
I still want an app and neither BW nor TR ever attracted me. Just dont get to complicated! (all the scores)
We had a lot of talks about cs, and mostly it was old features (as mentioned in @Falx topic here ) that are missed.
Like the computer sign when you wrote a reference for someone you just knew online- i think you might need that too as in the beginning there might be noone in your country to verify you.
I wrote my first reference on BW now, i never used it before as i dont really like the website. I just liked that there you can choose which kind of comment (their references are called like this) you want to write. So i could write Florian a Host comment eventhough i never send request.
I dont like my personal references in Cs (bc hardly noone ever reads them, you dont get the country filled in on the map than, you cant put stars). A lot of my personal references are in reality host references (me as host). I would love if i could simply change them to host references myself.

Thanks for explaining the banning to me ,
so i will mention couchers in all references from now on :smiley: