Couchers Roadmap

Hey you lovely Couchers developers,

it’s kind of gone quiet over here on the forum, so I was wondering, is there a list of things that you’re working on? A roadmap of some kind?

If you tell me where to go and look, I’ll paste it up here for everyone to take a look.

Personally, I’d like to see a nice list of the top 20 top things you’re all working on right now. :smile:

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Maybe a good cleaning ?
I have been addressed to this site:

and the results that it giver for couchers are not perfectly good.
Why there are unannounced facebook links ?

I don’t know what your reply means @csmbs. Are you one of the devs for Couchers? I think it would be really great if we hear from them about what’s going on.

no, I am not one of couchers developers. My question was tareted to them, from whom we want an answer. (It soooks it is in one of the scripts loaded)

Any devs out there who would like to let forum users know either what’s happening in terms of a roadmap? Or you can point us in the right direction for where to look, if you already have one. I think right now, it would be more useful than the disembodied newsletter that doesn’t really say anything meaningful about the project.


Awaiting for some kind of roadmap for more than a year now. Right now it feels that the mobile apps will take forever to appear, and in this mobile world without those there can’t be no real future for Couchers. I would settle for a timeframe, how long is it gonna take, year, two years, more?

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I agree @azat11. You know, I think I would settle for any kind of response from the devs at this stage. It’s strange how Couchers has gone so quiet. When I joined a year or two ago it felt very alive.

I still feel very energised for it, but have nowhere to put my energy. I’d love to be able to help, but without a roadmap/timeframe of any kind, I don’t even know what needs helping with, or how I can help. I can even help put a roadmap together for forum users if I’m told where to look for it.