Couchers social media accounts

Hi there,

I’ve seen there are already Couchers pages in Facebook and Instagram - haven’t checked other social media platforms. Would it be possible to add a social media button here on the Couchers website? So whoever enters here can quickly find Couchers on whichever social media they prefer and follow it.

I know both social media pages aren’t being very used at the moment, but increasing the number of followers there can be very important for when the idea changes and they start being used more actively.



The footer of our website is going to be added in the near future which will link to our social media platform. The various social media platforms will also be incorporated into the “invite” and “share” functionality of the website. Maybe we could add social media links to the “grow the platform” section of the dashboard too?


Twitter acc seems pretty quiet. I’d be happy to volunteer and manage it / fill it with some life for the foreseeable future.

BTW I’m new, only discovered couchers 2 days ago but I’m super amped. :slight_smile:


Hi Jonas,

Welcome to and thanks for offering to help.

My name is Poovan. I help run the marketing team at I have dropped you a message so we can discuss further how you can help out?

Have a great weekend!


Thanks, saw your message and send you an email. :slight_smile:

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