Couchers! Where are you going this year?

Happy new year everyone. So, what are your plans this year? Going anywhere interesting? Got any projects on the boil?

I’m definitely going to Madeira this spring. I’ve bought a book containing every known endemic plant. Going to see how many I can find. Does anyone know this island?

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Haven’t been to Madeira… the island looks really pretty on the pictures, though! My year started with having two accepted guests in January (one is Emily’s ex guest :)) Regarding travels, I do plan a trip to France and visit my friends back in Prague…I also wanted to go either to Dublin or Istanbul this year. Nothing is for sure yet, so let’s see what is going to happen :slight_smile:


I am heading to Japan in Februari.
So I directly grab this opportunity to ask if there are people from Japan and have time to host me one or more days.
Preferable in small rural areas.


@richee, if you go to Hiroshima please let me know! There are some people you should definitely meet there :slight_smile:

Who who! :smiley: I’ll have to keep an eye out on your references!


this is definetly not the place to ask for hosting as only about 10% of Couchers use the forum :Þ

I know this isn’t the place to ask for couches, but since I wanted to reply anyway, I did think, why not ask for anything, perhaps I am lucky.
Guess I am not tough.

I might take you up on that one, I just don’t know my exact plans yet (as usual)
I just think of them a day or so in advance.
You never know what you encounter.

that would mean about 2000 active users of the forum @Climbatiz - bit generous! Probably closer to 1%!

You never know :slight_smile:

ok, i am wrong there are not 20% members, but almost 10% members (800/22000), i thought it was more

I’m going to Iceland (@Climbatiz :eyes: ), Liverpool, and the US so far! Planning to stick in a few more places but those are the ones that are for sure. :slight_smile:


i’m not in Iceland atm, dunno when you are coming, i might not be back till March

Ah, I thought you were talking about active users!