Couchsurfing for settled people

I was very actively hosting and surfing from 2007-2011 . I still have friends made in that period. Both locally and from hosting/surfing. Most of them now are settled, often have children. Most stopped actively hosting and surfing long ago. But some stayed active in the local communities.

How can surfing and hosting be made attractive (again) for those people? Can friends from friends be easily checked by that friend in the middle? Can I filter on only couples without children? Can I search for hosts with children of the age of my children? Can my teenage child find a safe couch? Can I surf without feeling the social pressure of having to host?


These are all really good points. My take would be that good local events that are family friendly could help create that culture even where search filters or site features fall short. It’s vital that we get people out meeting others who can spread the awareness or principles behind hospex in a way that’s appealing to others. When you see families hosting, meet them and hear their stories it’s always inspirational. Often people think they can’t do something but it’s generally only because they’ve never seen someone else doing it.

I love the idea of being able to search your friends friends for hosts. Especially since Id rather find a great host first and thus let that decide where I go.