Deactivating account for some time

Hi, Is there a way to deactivate (not delete) my couchers’ account for some time (perhaps manually)? I’m already aware of the “Can’t host” profile flag, but I’d like to not be another ghost profile.


Personally I’m in favor of being able to hide your profile in search results to some users or all users at will. I believe the team is going to do this at some point, though it’s not a priority.

For now I’d just write to and ask if there’s a way they can do it manually for you.


I tend to agree with you here. “Parking” of accounts is what I immediately considered, and it’s something I noticed on cs when users references that left the platform are deleted rather than anonymised. I personally thought this is a bit unfair, particularly for new users with little to no references. We all know what it’s like to have 0 references and try to get a host!

In the same regard, I’d suggest something to “protect” the references and community score, so it doesn’t disadvantage hosts references.


I’d like a feature that allows you to hide your profile if you’re not interacting.
In general, I think if a profile has been up for longer than x weeks/months with no activity and nothing about the person, it should be deleted.

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