Displaying people on the map - city not shown

The map seems to hide the names of the cities that have any couchers registered. For example, in my screenshot the green dot is Moscow and the grey ones are just big cities, yet none of them named. And if you press on the person’s profile, location is also not mentioned in the info card, you have to go to the full profile.
Is this intentional? Seems not very convenient to me.


Also, just noticed that St. Petersburg couchers are included in the Finnish circle unless you zoom in. As in, it shows 0 people in St. Peter and 19 in Helsinki, while it’s actually 3 in St. Peter and 16 all over Finland. Is it possible to prevent such profile emigration?:grin: I guess it must be happening in other places on the map too.

The hiding of city names is because the map tries to reduce clutter and will remove overlapping symbols. The pins take priority so that means city names must go! We should have a look at how to avoid that.

As for the clustering, that’s just because clustering is completely unaware of country boundaries: it just clusters users nearby depending on zoom levels so that you can see easier where people are.

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Maybe just put the city name in the preview card then?