Feature build order

So here’s a list of features and the order in which we’re planning on implementing them for the MVP.

  • Authentication
  • Profiles v1
  • Friends
  • Search v1 (by name/username)
  • References
  • Messaging
  • Reporting
  • Moderation v1 (alert to admins)
  • Hosting/Surfing
  • Host preferences (calendar, accepting guests, guest preferences)
  • User media (photos)
  • GIS (location awareness)
  • Events
  • Hangouts
  • World map
  • Moderation v2 (community structure)
  • Groups
  • Local communities + forums
  • Search v2 (by location + granular parameters)
  • Community standing
  • Verification
  • Blocking
  • Moderation v3
  • Search v3 (filtering, fuzzy match, host ranking)

Let us know what you think. Anything else you’d want to see or think we should add?


I think community standing should be a bit higher up in the list seeing as how it’s going to be one of the main differentiators/improvements for users. I realize it will take a bit longer to develop potentially, but I do think it needs to exist before some other features so that people can start to build it up early on. Thoughts?

Yeah, maybe we should move it up a bit. The main reason for having it towards the end is that it’s a relatively hard thing to implement and it also depends on quite a few things before it on the list!

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I had a feeling that it’s hard to implement! I know that it would eventually take data from all sorts of places on the platform, but what if you made it only collect data from this community at first? Just as a test sample size? Then you could slowly add additional features to it over time?

I.e., “This week we’ll start adding your participation in hangouts to your community standing score!”

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Not sure if this is the place to ask, but has anyone noticed how it is impossible to login from a mobile phone? I’m on a Samsung A50 (android obviously) running Firefox. It is possible to register though.

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What happens, specifically? Does the login box appear? It’s working from my Android Firefox.

Hi Lucas,

here is what happens.

Step 1: empty profile text.

Step 2: word and character count in Google Docs (note 2986 characters including spaces)

Step 3: copy/paste text to profile page on Couchers website

Step 4: save changes and be greeted by aforementioned error message

Hope this is any use to you. Have to admit, I have a notorious talent for spotting faults in websites. :joy:

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Hi Niek! Thank you for the screenshots. However, the problems you seem to be facing are with this forum, which is not something we designed, we’re just using it as a base place to gather until Couchers.org is ready. :slight_smile: Couchers.org will be ready for testing in a few weeks’ time.

I’ll try to figure out why you’re getting the error message, anyway.