Feedback about link to login to app

This is a very light issue but when users login to the app from website, clicking on the login button only takes them to the app landing page and not the actual login page. I believe when a person clicks on a login button they expect to be taken to the login page, and not a standard page from where they can click another login button.

I understand that it is implemented in such a way that the first time users can signup from there easily. But since there is a signup option available already in the sign-in form(top right) I guess this won’t be much of an accessibility issue. (Or even a signup link below that form is also feasible.)

And since the app landing page only caters to these two buttons and nothing else, so I think we could omit that step and send them directly to app sign-in page



Yes, thank you! I also have the same thought every time I visit the website. I think “App” or “Go to App” would be a better option than “Log in.”

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Yes, I agree with you.

But why I suggested to skip that whole page was since there wasn’t any content in that page. But if there will be any more content to add in that page in the future, @n.spark 's suggestion is more apt.

It’s a great point. I think we’ll change it so that the default page if you’re not logged in is what currently appears on and a more obvious link to the /login page

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Now to log in to the app I need to press “Create an account”. Is it done on purpose? I panicked a bit :joy:

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Good catch, fixed!


Thank you!