Filter for location on event search

There are not many events listed now, but filtering by location would be nice :slight_smile: Maybe someone already posted this >.>

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There’s no filter for the global community of events but if you click through the communities you’re interested in it will only show events in those communities. :slight_smile: hope this helps!

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This info helps a little bit, but is not really intuitive to do so.
I agree with chladnefazole to have a possible filter by location / country / region and maybe even time period.
Initially I would show it as is tough, but when more events are coming (which I hope will happen) it can be hard in busy times to find the event near you or the ones you did want to participate in, but have to cancel later.

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I think the general events page, is of limited value in its current form. Fascinating to people like me who are curious how other communities are doing, but it’s probably of limited relevance to an average user, to be shown in-person events in the US, the UK and Israel.

In case a filter is too much work or not desired right now, could an alternative be that the default behaviour of that page be changed?
e.g. show only the events contained within the user’s communities at the top of the page.
And then (potentially), show the remaining events below, or on a different tab (e.g. Upcoming local, Upcoming global, Past)


I think there are two reasons why it’s the way it is now (iirc):

  • Originally it was hoped there would be more virtual events since we’re in a pandemic, but there are sadly not :frowning: Still, I think virtual events, no matter where they are created, should be shown globally
  • Some people who travel a lot might be motivated to go to a certain place because of events happening there (for ex, trying to decide between visiting Istanbul or visiting Athens, and there are events happening in Istanbul but not Athens)

I like the idea of showing the main community or communities first though.


Emily, about virtual events, you are completely right, but lets hope that the current pandemic ends soon (we are sure it will end eventually). This means that live in person meetings would be more of the norm.
This does not mean the end of virtual meetings.
Also you might be right about motivating people to travel to lesser know places, but like SimonNightOwl points out, I can’t travel to the US, the UK and Israel in the same week, therefor some kind of filter would be useful, but maybe not up to city level, but rather to region / country level.


I just tried the communities and events features for the first time, and I completely agree with this. I might be kind of dumb compared to others, but I had to switch back and read @Emily’s comment several times before I could successfully find events happening only in one particular country or city.

Was the way I did it the intended way? (This is on a browser on a desktop PC by the way.)
Click Dashboard in upper left.
Click Browse all Communities.
Select Continent.
Select Country.
Select City.
Get confused why nothing just happened until I realize I need to click the city again above where it says “no sub-communities”.
And then if I want to go back and pick a different city nearby, I need to do the whole process again from the beginning.

Can we have something more like what they have on

I don’t think I can convincingly tell people “Couchers has Events too! It’s like CS but better!” with the feature as is.

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