Forum is White Theme while set to Dark Theme


i set to Dark theme but the website detaults and uses White theme…

*cookies are enabled

I have the same problem!! @nolo or @aapeli, any ideas?

it seems to be fixed for me now, dunno if some dev did anything or it was just a glitch

I might have accidentally fixed it/made it the default for all users. Let’s see what happens when another admin shows up to this thread, lol!

@Emily: you’ve made the forum dark themed for everyone!

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Okay then back to the same problem! Dark mode is enabled but I’m still seeing white, which I don’t like one bit :stuck_out_tongue:

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yeah, i guess after it was reverted back to normal (from black for all), i’m back to having a white theme even though it’s set to dark mode

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I think the color scheme ids had been mixed up when I changed the source of the theme. It should work again now: Light as default, Dark when Dark Mode is enabled in your interface preferences.


Thanks Nolo! seems fixed to me :smiley:

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To others trying to change to dark theme - after changing the settings on forum as described above, you might have to go into your browser settings and change it too. I found that my chrome browser app (Android) defaulted to a light theme which overrides the dark theme on the forum.