Forums (by continent, country, cities, tourist spots etc ...) with local Guidelines

Question (if some similar question exist, just delete)

Are there any plans to create the form like it was once in the past in CS?
I remember then it was somehow like:

Main Forum / General Forum over all with main Topics, Rules and Information
Continental Forums (locally guided by Ambs from the different host countries)
Country Forums (locally guided by Ambs from the host countries)

  • including special Tourist spots - outside of Citys etc)

also good would be to have inside the forum a local guide are (this was for me the most valuable part inside the coutry and city / place forums - local advice about

  • what you can do
  • Security related issues
  • regular meetings etc it was better then tripadvisor :slight_smile:

How it was looking in the times CS was still great:


This is in the works right now! We regularly post the roadmap on the App Dashboard (Feature Updates) and on the Blog. Here’s the current update from the dashboard:

So most of this is supposed to happen within the Communities section of the Couchers App.

The purpose of this forum right here is rather to support a global meta conversation between users and volunteers about the app and practically anything related to the workings of the wider Couchers platform.

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Got it. Thanks Nole.
Have not seen this part of news.
But great it goes in this direction… like it