Guest search

Will there be an option to search for possible guests rather than waiting for a request? I live well outside London but have hosted significant numbers successfully through searching for possible guests. As some hosts prefer not to host those with no experience or those who are young, a guest search gives the option to see who is looking for hosting. Without this I think I will hosting about zero per year apart from returning regulars. Thanks.

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Hi Rob! Long time no see, we miss you at the weekly event :slight_smile:

I think public trips are going to be included in the full set of features when it’s ready. Would that cover what you’d like to be able to do?


I hope it covers my request. It’s pretty much the only way I found guests.

Same for me. I live in a small town, Tienen, about 50kilometer from Brussels-centre. It takes about the same time to get here by train than it magic take to get somewhere in the capital on foot or by subway. As most travelers only search bigger city’s for hosts it would be nice to invite traveling members if they are in the neighborhood. I got most of the surfers to visit me this way.

I know some people will have their mind set up to stay in a big city but hosts in smaller city’s get fewer requests and are therefore sometimes more willing to host and spend some extra time & effort to give passing travelers a great time.