Hangout meeting-function

The Couchsurfing app had a Hangout-function, where you could see who in your area that were interested in meeting for a quick walk or coffee. I used this a lot. Is that something that is possible to arrange within the Couchers platform?


Hey Tone, I’m fairly certain this is a feature that is in the works to be released in the future. I’m not sure when that could be, though!

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Just wanted to chime in to say it’s definitely in the plan :slight_smile: The development team considers hangouts to be a core feature of the platform and will go hand-in-hand with events!

As for me, couchsurfing were more used recent years as an event and meeting platform, than hosting. More options should be focused on activities. More foreigners and travellers are looking for activities more than hosts, which was opposite before.
Facebook features are definitely better, but application of couchsurfing had something, that could connect only travellers, expats, visitors, active locals. These features will create the community. Events, where open minded people are meeting, getting to know each other and sharing their experience and plans. Fun couchsurfing camps, huge events, that what we remember…
Im still using CS (on my events), because we created a brand. We all were working on it. It should be resurrected one day, but not with B-corp!