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For those who didn’t get a chance to see CS make a big fool of itself on its blog last month, one of our very investigative volunteers dug this up!


Creating a Comfortable Home for Couchsurfing Guests

While there are plenty of options when traveling, such as Airbnbs and hotels, sometimes, life can get in the way. If you’re lucky enough to live in a place that is full of traveling nomads, families, couples, etc., opening your home up might be something worth doing, and not just for the good karma that comes with it.
As you start to open your home to Couchsurfers, you’ll notice some do’s and don’ts that come with it. It’s not just about opening your doors for someone to spend the night, it truly is about creating a space of comfort and rest, and hopefully making a pretty cool friend along the way.

Let’s start with the Basics

Not everyone is going to be in love with your home. In fact, you might not be in love with your own home! But, it’s less about making something homey, and more about comfort. Providing plenty of personal space for your guest along with some quality time is a great ratio to have when first starting. Once you’ve gotten more comfortable with your guest, you can add in some extra familial activities, such as dinner together and whatnot.
Offering a warm shower, a place to eat, and sleep is already enough, so don’t feel like you have to go overboard here. Make sure you have good wifi available and a washer and dryer for their clothes, but after that, anything you do is considered extra.
If your home has a security system, providing them the passcode or a set of keys might be the way to go. Couchsurfers might stay for more than a day, so having a spare set or a lockbox is a great idea so you won’t have to be around all the time, in case you also have other things going on! Consider leaving a list of local things to do as well, especially if their stay is more than a few days long. After a night of rest, they might want to explore and not just do a full travel reset. Make yourself available for suggestions but don’t feel like you have to give them a full itinerary of events.

The Extras can Go a Long Way

Once you’ve got your basics set, you’ll be able to start adding in some things that are more personal to create a more comfortable home for guests. These small things can make the guest room, bathroom, and even the dining room, feel less overwhelming. After all, they’re a stranger in your home!
Start by making sure the mattress is comfortable. While you may have an old mattress that will do the trick, something that feels more like home and has some give is the way to go. Add in some extra throw pillows and blankets for warmth as well. These will make the room look crisp while maintaining a homey feel.
Another key aspect that can go a long way is adding a bathroom vanity with plenty of storage. This small renovation to your home can provide ample space for their items while traveling, and give them plenty of countertop space for getting ready. This is also a great place to store extra towels, hand towels, washcloths, soap, and other hygiene items a guest may not carry with them while traveling. It additionally creates the opportunity to add a small laundry basket for those items, so you can wash them separately if you choose.
Moving into the dining room, having snacks on hand is key! It’s important to make food available that anyone can have, due to the high increase in allergies and other dietary restrictions. A good option is always a few kinds of cereal and some granola bars. You don’t necessarily need to go all out; again, this is just a bonus, but will likely help keep your guest happy.
Putting everything together, if you have pets, it might be good to replace carpet with hardwood floors to avoid any allergens or dust accumulation that might take place. Plus, this will be easier to clean and help you avoid odors. New flooring will also be a return on investment if you ever decide to sell your home, talk about a win-win! For furniture in these living spaces, while it is your home and you are sharing it with others, take some extra time to set things up and straighten the couches and tables.

Think About How You’d Want to be Treated

A huge thing to consider when making your home comfortable for guests is how you would want to be treated when couchsurfing. What would you want/need when traveling, more importantly, given how much you’d be spending? A nice bed, internet, and food are all necessities for when you travel, so make sure you’re offering the same thing to guests.
However, material items and convenience are not the only things they may be looking for. While you may want to talk to your guest as soon as they arrive, think about when you’re traveling, and what you’d like from a host. This can even include time alone. They may work remotely, and will actually need the time to work, or will want some time to just relax by themselves. Sometimes, having alone time is good for your guests’ mental health, and will actually help them reset better for the rest of their trip.
At the end of the day, a little rest and relaxation is really all a guest will need. Remembering the basics can take you far, but those extra steps can go a long way, especially in the Couchsurfing world. Who knows, you may end up making a friend for life!

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I just… I mean I don’t even know what to say this. This is the worst line in all of it.

this has got to be some joke, somebody making a fool of CS, cuz this isn’t even stuff people do in highend airbnb’s


Haha true, It’s just too hilarious! This is definitely one of my favorites:

Not everyone is going to be in love with your home. In fact, you might not be in love with your own home!

Seems I am missing out on a bunch of stuff, I did only expect to get a safe and dry place to sleep, everything else would be considered extra … they already make it feel like we can expect something resembling a 5 star hotel.


:joy: this is so good

Make sure you have good wifi available and a washer and dryer for their clothes, but after that, anything you do is considered extra.

Not just wifi, good wifi!

Once you’ve gotten more comfortable with your guest, you can add in some extra familial activities, such as dinner together and whatnot.

When boss needs the article right now & you’re 500 words short.

Also the suggestion of replacing carpet with hardwood floors, with the link. It’s just beautiful.


I have had mixed experiences on couchsurgin. Towards the end of my hosting career there, the freeloading showed itself as the expectation I was some kind of hotel and failing at providing service. At the beginning, people were excited about being in a new city and loved hanging out at the local spots. This ridiculous statement is like, I’m supposed to privide all this? Of course, there’s an exchange. For a free room in the middle of one of the most popular cities in the world, I expect some appreciation instead of a yawn. I take pride in keeping my shabby little apartment clean and don’t take kindly to people turning their noses up. Go to a hostel!
It’s unrealistic to expect here for me to be “pure” when all I see when I don’t have boundaries is take take take.
It’s this belief that hosting doesn’t take a ton of work and thought and a LOT of emotional energy at baseline. I’m already giving plenty opening my home as it is. No wonder there aren’t as many hosts!


now also on nBW and Couchers there is the same kind of people, just because here and there does not pay.
Except for WS that is a specialized one i do not see a big difference son behaviour among the different communities.

WHAT? Why would you take up your carpet? that whole post is offensive. I might as well charge to get my money back. CS really raised the entitlement bar for travelers without any support for boundaries that guests should maintain, like don’t eat and drink everybody’s food and say “hospitality!”

Heather…you are completely right about the freeloaders as they were many in my last few years of couchsurfing and they will end up on this site also. I have had only two requests this year and accepted both but one did not turn up or reply and the other cancelled to go with another host so it seems the hosts on here are being treated the same as on cs. i will give it till the end of this year and if nothing changes then i am retiring from giving help to strangers in my city,

I’ve decided this is satire.