Homeowner and Renter insurance liability

I can’t find anything on what kind of liability I have if a surfer hurts themselves in my home.
I may not host if I can’t get some kind of release from liability due to a surfer’s bad or negligent behavior.

I’m interested in this too. Maybe it varies by insurance company / policy?

I don’t know, that’s what I want to know. What is anyone’s experience with accidents with a houseguest? Do people sign a waiver? or is this supposed to be given, you stay at your own risk and won’t hold your host liable for any accidents or losses. It will make a huge difference if on top of everything I’m giving for “free” I’m sure as hell not going to paying out of pocket for the problems of someone who didn’t or wouldn’t take care of themselves properly.

This very much depends on the country you are in, as well as your insurance policy.


i agree with Hjall, i would not expect any legal issue if people got hurt in my apartment, it’s not in our culture to sue people for injuries they sustain while being in your home, accidents just happen and people should be responsible for how they behave in your presence

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If you want to cover yourself for that kind of a situation, I think it would be umbrella insurance that you need. Homeowners or renters might cover it, but I wouldn’t count on it.

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AirB&B has insurance but that is based around a legal contract and a financial transaction. That is paid for by the fees charged to host and guest.

Couchers is more of an introduction service for a hospitality exchange community. A different animal.

It is up to the host and guest to make their own agreement.