Host calendar feature

CS attempted to make a hosting calendar similar to AirBnB, and my understanding is that it worked well - people couldn’t request times you had blocked off due to having another guest already or for personal reasons. However, it was only available on the app. I think the host calendar is a great feature and would like to see it included in


It’d also be good to have a calendar full of all other info (events, trips, etc.), and that could output a calendar file that could update with people’s personal calendars (like gmail)


Agree calendar is a nice feature. It could also be used to plan your trips and by specifying where you’ll be in a specific date, make it easier to connect to local hosts and events.


as long as the calendar is a personal tool with the ability to hide it from public view.
It can be used to show “available hosts” for example, but I don’t want to share my calendar to the world just like that.


I’ll write briefly please do ask me to elaborate if something is not clear:

  • do not block calendar automatically - some people can host two different people at the same time.
    *This is essential for filtering, which is in my opinion a high priority.
    *Add the possibly for users to manually input what they are doing on specific days so the people could choose also based on that if they want to stay at a person’s place could be really cool! (E.g. beach party - you’re invited, hackathon - you are invited, going on a date - you are not invited)

Yeah it’s always the best experience when this happens! We’re including an option to explicitly say that you’re open to it.

Good idea! I wonder if people would manually update this. We could always include an option to import descriptions from events, but then that might introduce a safety issue as your host calendar will be publicly available.

We could allow turning off this feature, set the default to not public and ask people specifically if their events to be public? It’s a trade off but I’m sure some people would find this very useful! Also this reminds me- has there been a discussion about public profiles (without logging in to couchers)? If no I’ll start one…