Hosting and Home preferences

I find the current layout a bit overwhelming and making it difficult to understand which preferences a host actually cares about, or which circumstances they want you to be aware of.

I don’t think it’s helpful that the layout always shows all options and defaults to “No” if no checkmark is set. I think many of the options are only relevant if you have a stated opinion about them. So I’d prefer to choose Yes/No about a preference and then show this preference on my page. But don’t show the options that I didn’t explicitly specify (or worse choose a default answer for me).


I second that. I don’t want to have a definitive y/n for some things (namely kids & pets), but that depends a lot on the circumstances. (Ages of the kid, type of pet and stuff like that.)

Also, if I leave the “max number of guests” on 0 (because that’s another thing that depends…), it defaults to 1. It shouldn’t do that.

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What do you think is a good way of differentiating between “No” and just not specifying?

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Something like “depends - ask anyway”.
Simply adding choices for types of pets or ages for kids wouldn’t solve everything, because for example I can’t host dogs when my roomie (who’s afraid of them) is home, but while he’s away it wouldn’t be a problem.

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I think the best way to differentiate is to not display the options that are not set. When browsing the profile, it shows that this preference is not that important to that member or they don’t have a general attitude towards it. And it highlights the preferences they actually care about.

Regards to search filters, I think all three options (yes/no/not specified) can be meaningful. For example I travel with a kid. I’d first look for hosts that express they welcome kids. When I wouldn’t find a host with this filter, I’d consider writing hosts that haven’t specified their preference about kids, but might be a good match for other reasons. But I wouldn’t want to contact members who already put a “No” at Kids Welcome.


We could just not display a preference at all if a person doesn’t select yes or no. We can also omit “last-minute requests” altogether since that will be filter-based anyway (if you enter in a date range that is too soon for the person, their profile will not be displayed).

However, there are some things that would always need to be displayed like:

  • Maximum number of guests
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Private/shared space (which should be renamed to “sleeping privacy” since that’s what this is actually referring to)
  • Parking available
  • Has housemates
  • Has children
  • Has pets

There are also some grammatical issues with this page which I already submitted an issue on GitHub to correct.

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Oh, I also really wanted to write about this! I certainly would like it to have a ‘maybe’ or smth like that option, and not displaying non-specified points could be helpful too.
In particular, I am kinda disturbed by the drinking question. Like I do accept having some wine at my place and will happily take part, but I feel having a Yes for those on my profile could encourage people to come drunk or think heavy drinking at my place is fine (or expect me to be an alcoholic, on the other hand).
I also think parking could be left not specified. Or at least the details of it, and the ‘parking available’ could have an ‘ask me’ option then. For example, at my place it’d depend whether you’re on a car or on a motorcycle, so I don’t know what to answer now.