Hosting/Surfing Messages

Just a quick post wondering what people’s thoughts are on for the automatically closed discussion after hitting reject on the host function. I tend to like explaining or having messages even after the reject function. E.g. keeping communication channels open if they need information or help - which you cannot do anymore.

TLDR: Why do chats get auto shut off when you hit reject button as host, and opinions on role of keeping chat function open post host decision.

I agree to keep them open, maybe not for ever, but at least for some days after reject to explain and even more to say thank you if the potential host did reject and didn’t forget to give a polite note why they did decline. As a guest I can’t thank them nor ask them for other info anymore.
Yes I can make a conversation and I realize that’s what it’s meant for, but that’s not always convenient.

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I don’t remember this not being an option, but I think when I rejected a request I sent the message first and then clicked declined. Perhaps it’s sufficient to just put a little note or reminder that the conversation will close after clicking the button.