How active are the communities?

How many British and Irish subscribers are now in , and is there such a critical mass that we could arrange meet-ups this year ? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ( clearly , I include in that , ALL PEOPLE … all residents / travelers/temporary workers/ transiting visitors from other countries ! )

Also , how big s the community in Russia ? As I may head over soon .

There is already a very active community in Manchester, holding regular events (a pub meet every 2 weeks, plus something called “The League”, which is a series of sport/game contests, which is currently happening multiple times per month).

I also just noticed that there seems to be something happening in Exeter.

So things are happening, and I’d say there’s a lot of potential for things to grow further!


There are currently 576 members subscribed in the UK and 100 in Ireland, unfortunately not all are active or able to join some activities.
However don’t let this prevent you from creating your own activities or events and let become more alive and connected.
Who knows, perhaps people from the neighborhood or just travelers from outside the UK / Ireland want to join in.

Keep in mind, we need to grow and this can’t be done within one day, so every participant can help in this.

And of course, if you are able to, join activities and events near you.

But most important about this all, be yourself and have fun.