How did - How do you

How did you learn abour Couchers?


How do you tell others about Couchers?

Myself: I was doing a search on Play Store for hospex apps and I saw one called couchers so I tried searching for a site for it. But that couchers app was actually about finding movies & tv shows to watch. Despite that, when I did a search for the couchers site, I found out about!

As for spreading the message, I mention Couchers in my Slowly profile and when I send introductory letters to potential new pen pals (especially when they have Travel listed in their Interests :wink:


I was paywalled by CS and was searching for alternatives on twitter I think. Came across this article:

I’m telling people about it verbally at the moment.


I learnt about Couchers at their very beginning in one of the fb groups created after CS paywall. I was strongly against Couchers. I was hoping BW and TR will be ready for influx of ex Couchsurfers and perhaps modernize their websites, add new feature etc. but it wasn’t happening. So one year passed and I finally decided to have a look at what looked like and was pleasantly surprised.

I tell about Couchers on my BeWelcome and Trustroots profile. I do mention on both platforms that I want to have all references at one place rather than scattered on three different platforms so if anyone wants me to host them on BW or TR they are expected to have a Couchers profile, too.