How did you mainly access CS?

Was curious about how you mainly accessed Couchsurfing. Were you mostly using the mobile application, or relying to the desktop (Web) version? If you were using both version equally, feel free to elaborate on your use case where you’d use one over the other.

  • Desktop
  • Mobile

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To clarify my vote, I accessed on my phone and computer about equally, but on my mobile device I always used the desktop version of the website because I didn’t like the mobile site.

I would have relied completely on the app if it were possible, but the desktop version lacked access to some features (Groups, public trip search) so that forced me to use the desktop version almost as much as the app. I didn’t want to use the desktop version anymore though. It was inconvenient.

I was using the mobile version when travelling (surprise…) and the desktop version when at home and hosting. I’d even deinstall the mobile app from my phone when I didn’t use it, because I prefered to receive requests by email and not by notification.

It was weird that there was no calendar on the desktop site and you had to use the app for changes.

Only ever used desktop. The app doesn’t run on my phone and I can’t be bothered to engage with it anyway. One desktop to rule them all …

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Mostly just phone,
but for the groups deskop (bc not possible in app).

I noticed when switching from deskop to phone again, mostly my messages than didnt work and pop up after on phone…