How do you like the forum?

  • I’m hooked!
  • Pretty good
  • So-so
  • Could be much better
  • Unbearable!

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How do you feel about the forum?

Please share your thoughts, praise and criticism in this topic! :partying_face:

Its great!

If someone also doesnt like reporting: There is an option to privat message the creator instead of redflagging it!

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I’m obviously not here for the forum as such, but because I want to see a new community for travellers and hosts become reality. What got me hooked on the forum is that I think it’s a great place to try and play out how we can care and come together as a community. I’d want to see it based on values of inclusion and moderated openly and with distributed power. So it’s great there are strong opinions and disputes and I hope everybody will stay around and contribute to adjusting our approaches!

(though if you feel like vomiting already, I’m afraid you might still be in for a rough ride… :innocent:)


Okay, who voted unbearable? :stuck_out_tongue: And why? And also, if it’s so unbearable, why stick around? Just curious!

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Just want to mention that we’ve only closed one thread and that was because the conversation went off topic. You are always welcome to start a new thread on the topic or based off a reply in that thread. Moderators are here to steer the conversation, and I think everyone here is open to hearing different opinions. Just trying to keep things tidy!

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So far we also removed two posts and I agree there is currently no good option to publicly argue against that. We could have a dedicated category for having removed posts open to discussion? Though if the post was removed because someone else was attacked, they might be against having it public.

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I did not see @anon46748786 attacking one special person and i have to agree with him, i also didnt like a moderator removing his post.

@anon46748786 will you still stick with couchers? Or you use cs, bc thats not better option… ? I also feel me being different here. still i think your opinion is really important bc it differes! You challange them :slight_smile:


I totally agree with @anon46748786, I was just threatened to have my post erased because @nolo Manuel’s opinion was different than mine! That’s rather authoritarian!!


We have to use a set of rules (that includes post deletion), and unfortunately there’s no way to make a set that everyone will be happy with. We hope we can make an environment for healthy dialogue that will naturally include disagreement, however not all opinions are welcome (for instance anything discriminatory). We will work on making rules consistent and transparent.


I think that’s the right direction in general and we will be heading towards a distributed setup. But for the moment, we have around 20 Members, of which 4 are currently moderators and several more in the moderation volunteer group. Personally, I can’t see much point in taking pretence actions.

Also, moderation right now means for the biggest part participating in the volunteer group on how to set up and adjust moderation for the forum and the hospex platform. There’s actually not much moderation of content happening on the forum. (maybe you feel different, @anon46748786, because a lot of it is about your posts and flags :innocent: )

Somewhat similar to the legal framework for the project, I believe there is more to loose than gain in rushing structural decisions. (The legal status of Couchers)

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Hmm, I have the feeling I walked into the middle of a movie and missed something.

As a relatively new user, I offer the disclaimer that, apparently, I missed the actions discussed above and/or failed to notice them due to the fact I am green here.

That said, I am fascinated by the deep, thoughtful, and insightful exchange of ideas in this forum. That totally hooked me because it reflects a bottom up, not top down, management style—in contrast to CS at this point in its history.

For me, this forum is a breath of fresh air. And I have participated in many groups on CS, co-moderate two, plus, help moderate a CS city FB group.

This forum is the most robust out of all of them. People are motivated to contribute.



Haha, we should think of some Guerilla badges then, rewarding everyone succesfully operating in shadow flag warfare! :sunglasses:

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