How to delete my forum profile?

Hi, i noticed ppl who are very known in couchsurfing just joined couchers and i dont wish to be member of couchers to protect myself from harassments by the same individuals.
How do i remove my profile in this forum? for some reason i cannot find the delete profile button?
I dont mind to leave behind what i wrotw in forums here though, just want to delete my profile and membership if i joined already.
Please help. THanks.

@itsi @Emily will be able to help

I’ve had the same question. Check out couchsurfing on Facebook, thousands of fellow ‘leavers’ have asked the same question and CS posted the answers right there.

In my case, I even received an email with all my photos, profile text and correspondence I have had with fellow travellers over the years.

I can, however, not verify if my account got deleted because of the paywall.

Hope this helps.

P.S. Sorry, I can’t send you a link because CS decided to boot me off their page (on both twitter and fb) for asking questions and voicing my opinion. Suffice to say I find this the easy way out, but never mind that. :grin:

We have to delete all your posts to delete you as a user. Or, we can make you anonymous and keep your posts but anonymize your username. Feel free to drop me a PM and let me know what you’d prefer.

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please keep posts (if you want) by anonymous and delete my account, thanks!

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All done! Thanks for your contributions thus far!

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I wonder how I can delete my profile on couchsurfing !
Can’t log on, can’t view my profile, but with the privacy rules from last years I should have “the right to be forgotten”.

IIRC you can email the Couchsurfing team to get them to do that. The question has been asked a few times on the CS subreddit so could be a good place to look for an answer on that.

Yes many people are in this position - They want to remain anonymous for the time being because they are well known on CS and they don’t want to lose many years worth of good references, which they worked so hard for.

It’s quite sad but there’s many people quite high up in CS that have no life outside of CS and they’ll defend it to the death even if they’re doing bad things because it’s their entire life and if CS goes they’ll have no social life, no friends, etc Those same people will turn on others in a heart beat if they see fellow members posting on other websites.

Whats nice about this forum is we can speak more freely unlike on Facebook, so you’ll get more honest answers and suggestions

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