How to unsubscribe email notifications

Hey guys, currently I get an email to my personal email every time someone sends me a message on couchers. I find it incredibly strange that there’s no option to disable this. I’d hate to permanently mark it as spam, so if the tech guys could just give an option to NOT email us every time we get a message, that would be great…

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Hello BK007,

Did you look at located in preferences Emails?
This might be where you where looking for.

That’s actually the emails preferences for the forum. On the app, there’s indeed no option to adjust email notifications. As far as I know it’s on the roadmap and there’s an open issue on github.

I also find it annoying and did set up a filter rule on my email, so notifications from messages are marked as read and moved to a dedicated folder.


Not sure if it’s understood as a risk, but something I know from working at a provider of community software…
If people can’t control notifications and see marking them as spam as the only option, it could cause problems.

If emails from are considered spam, that might lead to reputation damage for our server, so future messages to other users might more likely be considered spam, and if we use a provider to send our emails, they might block us.


That is a very good point Simon, and hope retaining Couchers’ reputation in gmail and other email hosts would be considered a high priority for the webmaster team. Even very small / simple sites have the option to disable email notifications.


Hi all, I’m Aapeli dev lead and one of the cofounders.

We’ll get conversation muting out soon: I did it in the backend today and hopefully it will be done in the frontend soon.

In the meantime, we appreciate it if you don’t mark the emails as spam.


Damn… I wish this was a something I was having a problem with!
Need more message alerts!
Not hosting right now cause we are still in a pendemic (and people are still contracting co19 even when vaxed) and I live with a senior senior and don’t want to risk his health, but obv being at least open (“may”) to hosting would increase message rate. Or having a hot/intriguing photo. :wink::laughing:
Not me but I’ve seen a few during the hospex years. :star_struck:

Gung Hay Fat Choy :tiger: mi Couchers comrades! :wave::slightly_smiling_face:

Just start or join a group chat and you’ll have an alerts party :partying_face:

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@aapeli it has occurred to me that the “requirement” that some of us are looking for, might not have been made clear. So I’m just throwing it out there now, so it’s more explicit, in case it saves you development time.

It really seems (for me, and at least a couple of others in the community builders group chat) that the problem is notifications for group messages.

So if it’s an option to mute notifications for all conversations, it might not be so helpful, because perhaps people want to know if they’re received messages from others.
But if it’s possible to apply it either for all group chats, or per each individual chat, then I think it will be a very good solution.

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You can now unsubscribe from individual conversations: the option is in the top right “three dot” menu.