Ideas and good practice for Terms of Service

We’ll need to write and establish terms of service, from scratch for the app and adjusting the ones for the forum. I came across this project the other day that I find interesting and helpful to get a better idea which aspects are important and prove good practice:

Just want to share this and start a topic to collect more ideas and examples for good terms of service.

Did you come across or know of terms that you find especially well made or communicated?


It would certainly be a good idea to read terms and conditions when taking out travel insurance - but I don’t read them.
As you’re rightfully pointing out Nolo the t&c’s are often very hard for the average person to understand.
I think the important part is to make them visible to new members and the box can’t be ticked to agree to them until an effort has been made to read what they are.

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I like the idea of making the Terms of Service readable and understandable for all users instead of the normal incomprehensible legalese. We could write a brief summary of the TOS for users to read, with a link to the full policy. I’ve also seen some very nicely illustrated (with little doodles in between) TOSs that look pretty cute, this has been discussed briefly with the design team (Google does this with their TOS).